Choosing The Correct Replacement Peg for your Workout Peg Wall

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Choosing The Correct Replacement Peg for your Workout Peg Wall


People may think that choosing the correct climbing pegboard peg is simple, just buy the cheapest.  This is not the case.  A person must look at who is the end user and where this board will be used.

A Poplar peg feels the best. It has open pours, is super easy to grip, and it will take chalk very easily.   If the user is an adult or if it is being used in a commercial setting, the life of these pegs is limited.  Poplar is a hardwood but its hardness is on the softer side.  As a person repeatedly inserts the peg into the hole, the wood fibers will begin to be crushed therefore giving too much play in the hole. 

Oak is by far harder than Poplar.  It has close pours, no issues on crushing fibers, and it will last longer.  The downside is that it will be a slicker product to grip than Poplar but using chalk or sports tape will minimize this issue.

The better product for longevity of use is an Oak peg. 

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