Dry That Climbing Pegboard Wood - What Them Other Cats Didn't Tell You

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Dry That Climbing Pegboard Wood - What Them Other Cats Didn't Tell You


Over the years I have made and sold over 1000 pegboards.  When I started there were very few instructions on creating one. There is one thing that no other blog tells you to do to save your drill bits. It is to let the wood dry.

Pine is a softwood but it is also a sappy wood.  You probably think I sound crazy because most of the lumber at your local building center is kiln dried.  Trust me you will save your bit from turning blue from overheating, and your drill bit will cut through the wood faster.   All you must do is stack your wood off the ground with spacers between the lumber in your garage or home for one week.

With a little planning, you’ll save time and protect your drill bit. 

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