Preferred drill bit for making a Climbing Pegboard


There are several types of drill bits that you can use to drill your 1-5/16” hole to make a DIY Climbing Pegboard.  All bits can cut a hole but some can cut better and make the project go more efficiently.  You can use a spade bit, hole saw, or a Forstner bit.

Spade Bit

  • It will cut the hole
  • Not stable without pre-drilling
  • Hard to find a 1-5/16” bit

Hole Saw

  • It will cut the hole
  • The shaft is usually not long enough to cut through 1.5” of wood
  • Extremely hard to remove the wood out of the bit after the hole is cut
  • Hard to find it in 1-5/16”

Forstner Bit

  • It will cut the hole
  • Will need to use an up and down motion to remove the chips and prevent the bit from overheating
  • Steel cuts pine faster than carbide but requires sharpening more often
  • Fairly easy to source

I currently use a custom steel Forstner chipper bit.  Overall this is my preferred method of drilling repeated holes in pine.


Written by ( Robert Smith )

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