3 Types of Fitness Climbing Pegboard for You

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3 Types of Fitness Climbing Pegboard for You


Climbing Pegboard Ohio Fitness Garage


A pegboard is an old school upper body strengthening and conditioning apparatus.  This piece of equipment can humble the most advanced athlete.  When choosing to purchase or make your own board, proper material selection will be the difference between having years of fun or breaking it on the first day. 

There are three types of wood that are suitable for climbing boards: whitewood studs, southern yellow pine (SYP), and plywood. Whitewood studs are only suitable for young kids.  They should never be used for adults.  SYP is a softwood with a similar hardness to Poplar (hardwood). This is a great wood for residential use.  Laminated plywood is the best overall board.  It is more expensive to manufacture but you will have years of climbing. 

Type of Wood


Weight Capacity / Use

Whitewood Studs (2x4,2x6)


Less than 60 lbs / Kids home

Sothern Yellow Pine (2x8,2x10,2x12)


200lbs + / home light commercial



200+ / home and commercial


I purposely did not include hardwoods like Maple or Oak.  These woods are similar in price to plywood but with all non-laminated wood, there is an inherent risk of splitting the wood when it is bolted to the wall due to knots or over torqueing the bolt.   Hardwoods of any kind are not an acceptable wood for pegboards.

Selecting the correct wood will help you make an informed decision before building or purchasing a pegboard.

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