The Correct Climbing Pegboard Mounting Fasteners

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The Correct Climbing Pegboard Mounting Fasteners

 Climbing Pegboard Hanging Instructions and Mounting Bolt Screws



Selecting the correct fastener to install a newly made or purchased pegboard can be a discouraging task. According to (Influence of optimization constraints in uneven parallel bar dismount swing simulations J Biomech. 2009) The body can exert up to seven times their weight in force on an apparatus.  You should select your fasteners according to this formula. A drywall anchor or a drywall screw is NOT an acceptable faster to hang a pegboard.  

Drywall Screw - DO NOT USE

Look at the thickness of wood, spacers, drywall, or any other thing that would hinder you from getting to the substrate.  The ideal fastener should be sized by the manufacturer’s specifications and should not blow out the substrate.

(Drywall ½” + 2x4 1-1/2” = 2”)

Select the appropriate length bolt (screw) that can handle the load that will be exerted on the apparatus. It must be suitable for the substrate that the board will be attached to. By taking the time to evaluate a strong enough fastener your pegboard will give years of enjoyment.



3 Types of Fitness Climbing Pegboard for You

Preferred drill bit for making a Climbing Pegboard

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