The Optimal Climbing Pegboard Hole Size

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The Optimal Climbing Pegboard Hole Size


The Optimal Climbing Pegboard Hole Size

When I built my first pegboard, I first drilled a hole the size of the peg.  I quickly realized that this hole will be too tight for climbing and the local dowel rods were not perfectly round or to specifications.  So, I went on a laborious mission to get this peg to fit. 

I used double sided tape to attach a piece of sandpaper to a dowel rod, then used this to make the hole wider.  It was partially successful but time consuming. 

The next attempt was to use a dowel that was 1/8 of an inch smaller than the hole.  This didn’t work because there was too much play in the hole.

The best combination I found is to drill a hole at 1-5/16” diameter and use a 1-1/4” poplar or oak peg.  1-1/4” is the diameter of a standard pull up bar.  By cutting the hole only 1/16 of an inch wider, it doesn’t require extra sanding or results in a hole that is too loose.


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  • Robert Smith

    I used a 1-5/16 forstner bit similar to this one I purchased it off of Amazon. Your best option is to use a drill press, and adjust your speed down to less than 500 rpms. You will have to go slow or the heat will burn your bit. Good luck.

  • Deric

    What kind of bit did you use to drill the hole? There are very few tools that are of a 1 5/16 inch diameter. Did you use a forstner bit and plunge router? Did you say spade bit? Drill press?

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