3 Soccer Juggling Tricks to Impress Your Friends

Soccer: Three Juggling Moves to Impress Your Friends


Whether you are new to the sport or if you want to improve your individual skills, there are a few ways you can get better—one of them is through juggling. However, juggling the day away doesn't necessarily have to mean that you are there for hours just getting your record up. You can truly play with the ball, learning and practicing tricks to get your best footwork out onto the field.


Although you might not use them in games, you can learn these moves to challenge your skills and also have a good excuse and some good tricks in the bag to show off to your friends—especially if you're looking to impress.


Juggling, in general, is actually quite impressive—and can do wonders for your game. One of the best ways to work on your ball control is to work on juggling. This training method, called juggling, isn't the same thing that you see in the circus with those clowns. Juggling is by keeping the ball in the air using every and all parts of your body—just not your hands.


Not only does juggling work on your technique and footwork, it can also impress your friends once you get better and better at it. Once you feel comfortable with the ball, here are the top three juggling moves you can use to impress your friends:


The Rainbow: One of the most common tricks to learn but also the most difficult one to do under pressure the rainbow has you taking the ball between the heel of your front foot (you decide which one that is) and the side of the back foot. When you're ready, pull the ball up onto the calf of the front leg using your other foot. Propel yourself forwards and kick the ball up with the heel of your front foot. The ball should be sent sailing and spinning over the top of your head—from behind you to in front of you (hence the rainbow name!). Start off this move by doing it to the side and then moving to shooting the ball forward.


Back Stall: For this move, (you’ve probably seen it in videos) you make the ball land from being in the air to staying right behind your neck, between your shoulder blades. This one is definitely hard to do because you have to judge the strength of your initial lift off so that it doesn't bounce off your back. You should also move downwards and cradle the ball as it falls—giving it a softer place to land. To start off, it’s easy to balance it on the front of your foot and then easily lift it off—making it not as strong of a kick.


Around The World: While you're juggling with your feet, this move should be executed by getting the kicking foot completely around the ball and back under it without letting it bounce (getting your foot around the world and back).


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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