A Day in the Life of a D1 Swimmer

A Day in the Life of a D1 Swimmer

A Day in the Life of a D1 Swimmer

 A Day in the Life of a D1 Swimmer - Ohio Fitness garage

Every September, D1 programs across the nation hit the water and get into full swing for the season. With 136  teams and about 3,000 athletes, there is a special bond between these athletes as they buckle down for the long training season ahead. Though they may be on different teams or be cross-city rivals, every team goes through a similar training regimen, and it isn’t for the lighthearted. This is a day in the life of a ¨student-athlete¨ swimmer.


 5:15 - Wake-up, bike, drive, walk to morning practice

 5:30-6:30: In-pool practice

6:30-7:30: Weights (Dry land)

8:00-12: Classes

12- 1 Lunch

1-3: Classes

4-6: 2-Hour practice

6-7: Dinner

7-?: Homework

?: Sleep


The day of a D1 swimmer is bone achingly tiring. There is not one moment in the day that theses athletes aren’t being tested, but there is no doubt that juggling this schedule makes them better athletes, future employees, and humans. It is an experience unlike any other.


Wake-up and repeat



Written by Michelle Gean

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