A National Team Like No Other Soccer

A National Team Like No Other


As I watch the World Cup, I see teams touting professional players from all over the world, but one thing that is interesting and quite different is Iceland. Though they may look like any other team in the world cup, they are truly a team like no other, and this is why.


Iceland is officially the smallest nation to qualify for the world cup, but that’s not all. Their application to join was denied several times before they were able to compete at this level. On top of that, the team boasts the diversity of amateurs.


Unlike some of the top teams, Iceland touts a team of amateurs consisting notably of a salt farmer, wine seller, dentist, and a guitar player. One player is even using his summer vacation to play in the world cup. Pretty cool summer vacation if you ask me.


Iceland may not be standing on the podium, but they sure are the standout standing in our hearts. Keep it fun, Iceland, and show us how it´s done.


Source: Sports Illustrated and Iceland Expert

Written by Michelle Gean

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