Baseball Box Jumps

Baseball Box Jumps

Box Jumps


Box Jumps - Ohio Fitness Garage


Grab a plyometric box, a padded box, or any platform that is stable enough to jump on it. You’re going to want to get stretched out first and break a little sweat before box jumps.


To start, get in an athletic stance about a foot or two in front of the box. In one fluid motion, squat down, swing your arms back, and explode upwards onto the box. Come back down from the box to complete one repetition.


You can do this exercise anywhere from 5-10 times per round, for about 4 rounds. For added difficulty, you can either raise the height of the boxes or add weight to the athlete.


The Purpose


There’s a reason why Mike Trout, the greatest player in the MLB, incorporates box jumps in his day-to-day routine. Box jumps is a highly explosive plyometric workout that not only builds strength and power in the lower half of your body, but also contributes to cardiovascular training.


Like many workouts on our list, box jumps uses practical muscles used in the day-to-day motions of baseball and softball.


The Results


Box jumps are mostly beneficial to outfielders, and have their uses for infielders that require quick lateral movements and a quick first step. In the case of Mike Trout, he uses box jumps to help build closing speed when chasing down a ball, as well as vertical height when it comes to robbing homeruns.


When you throw in ankle weights or a weighted vest, this brings the challenge up a whole few notches -- making the box jump not just a physical feat, but a mental feat as well.









Written by: Devin Pickell

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