Baseball Cut Drills

Baseball Cut Drills

Cut off Throws

 Cut Off - Ohio Fitness Garage


This type of drill involves both the infielders and the outfielders, so you’ll need a bit of space to do the drill effectively.


Begin by hitting deep fly balls to the outfield. Once the ball is ball is in play, analyze how your team is setting up for cut off throws, then make adjustments afterwards.


Do this drill as many times as it takes to see correct cut off routes. You can even challenge the team, having them complete “x” amount of correct throws before ending practice. If an incorrect route is taken, reset the drill.


The Purpose of Outfield Cut Drills 


For outfielders, this drill can be done similarly to the deep fly/first step exercise. But instead of focusing on their route to the ball, focus on how well your outfielders get the ball into second base, third base, and home plate.


For infielders, make sure the correct cut off man is receiving the ball, make sure they’re in-line with the base they need to throw to, and make sure they’re transferring the ball out of their glove quickly and cleanly.


The Results


Practicing cut offs may be tedious and time-consuming, but getting the proper technique down is vital when it needs to be replicated in-game.


When spur-of-the-moment reactions come into play, your players need to make sure they’re well-practiced in these motions. This could be the difference in throwing out a game-tying or game-winning run. Obviously the accuracy and power of the throw is important, but these are things that can be practiced individually.









Written by: Devin Pickell

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