Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Deadlifts Benefits

Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Deadlifts Benefits



 Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Deadlifts Benefits 

The deadlift can be completed in either a squat rack or a station that is wide and stable enough for a barbell. You’re going to want to choose a weight that is heavy enough to provide resistance, but light enough to complete at least four sets of 10.


With the barbell on the ground, choose a grip that is most comfortable for you. For example, a common grip is alternate grip with one palm down and one palm up. Most importantly, keep a firm posture the entire way through to prevent mid-back injury.


A single repetition is complete once you reach the top of the motion with the barbell at your waist. Do not thrust your back. Instead, keep a straight posture for about half a second, and then set the weight back down with control. Do not slam the barbell.


The Purpose


There are many variations of deadlifts, but the standard deadlift will work just fine when it comes to hitting all major zones of your back.


The deadlift is referred to by many as the “king of workouts”, which is true considering that it doesn’t just strengthen your back, but your core and hip mobility as well -- both of which are used to provide torque. Since the baseball and softball seasons are long and grueling, you’ll need a stable back to support the workload.


The Results


The back supports everything from core muscles to your rotator cuff. By neglecting your back, you not only put your arm at risk of an injury, but you limit your performance as well. A strong back contributes to torque in throwing and hitting motions. This could be the difference between a fly ball and a home run, or five more miles per hour on your fastball.


Deadlifts will also help decelerate your arm after throwing. Poor deceleration is one of the leading causes of shoulder injuries in baseball. A back built by deadlifts can add months if not years onto your career.






Written by: Devin Pickell

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