Baseball Deep Flys/First Step

Baseball Deep Flys/First Step

Deep Flys/First Step



All you’ll need for this outfielder drill is a coach or teammate hitting fly balls, your group of outfielders, and enough space on the field -- about 200 feet of total space.


The coach or player will hit deep fly balls to the outfielders (they don’t necessarily have to be catchable, as long as they go over the player’s head). The outfielder will run to the ball, catch or field it, and throw it back in.


Go through the line of outfielders at least five times to ensure everyone gets enough reps.


The Purpose


The deep flys/first step drill has a number of different purposes. The first and perhaps most important purpose is teaching your outfielders the importance of a quick first step. Since they’re not sure whether the ball you hit is going to the left or right of them, this drill will expose how well they are at taking that first step when judging a fly ball.


Another important aspect of this drill is seeing what sort of routes your outfielders take to the ball. If you’re hitting fly balls that aren’t catchable, pay close attention to see how quickly they get to the ball, and what position they put themselves in to make a throw.


The Results


In both cases of a quick first step and taking a good route, these can be next-level type of skills for an outfielder to improve their game.


If a ball is hit in the gap or on the warning track, a good outfielder will be able to close ground quickly and make a good throw. This could be the difference between a single and a double, or a double and a triple.










Written by: Devin Pickell

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