Baseball Foul Poles

Baseball Foul Poles

Foul Poles


Foul Poles   - Ohio Fitness Garage


Prepare your body and mind to do some lengthy running with foul poles. You can do so by monitoring your breathing pattern, and by stretching out all parts of your legs.


Walk towards either the left or right field foul pole and form three lines on the warning track. In groups of three, run the distance from one foul pole to another and stay within the warning track.


A single repetition is one down-and-back. Do about 5-10 reps, or whenever your body has reached exhaustion. This a long distance exercise, so sprinting isn’t necessary. But players should keep a quick pace when running. Remember, don’t cheat yourself!


The Purpose


Foul poles are one of the more dreaded running exercises that players, and especially pitchers, will become familiar with at higher levels of baseball and softball. Foul poles aren’t meant to be a lackadaisical type of exercise, and a coach should be there to ensure that players are pushing themselves.


Distance running like foul poles is meant to train players both physically and mentally for the exhaustions of a game. Players who are able to push their limits during foul poles are more likely to break down obstacles come gametime.


The Results


Heavy weight training, shuttle running, and numerous drills will build up lactic acid in your muscles -- causing you to feel heavy and sluggish. This feeling will undoubtedly affect your workouts until you’re able to regain strength and energy.


Distance running with foul poles helps move the lactic acid buildup and will ultimately decrease the time between one workout to another. So foul poles aren’t just for training, but for injury prevention as well.







Written by: Devin Pickell

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