Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Front Squats Benefits

Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Front Squats Benefits

 Front Squat - Ohio Fitness Garage

 Baseball Strength Training: Barbell Front Squats Benefits 

Squats of any kind should be conducted in a squat rack or cage. Choose a weight that allows for some strain, but can be safely racked whenever needed. You’ll want to complete at least five sets of 10 for light work, or three to four sets of 8 for heavy work.


Front Squat in the Front Rack Position using a Squat Rack


With the barbell just below shoulder height, firmly lock your arms and position the weight so it sits nicely on the front of your shoulders. Make sure to keep good balance.


A single repetition is complete by hitting the peak of your squat with your thighs nearly parallel to your torso. From there, look to straighten back out to a standing position. Never lock your legs when doing any type of squat.


The Purpose


It’s no surprise that back squatting, although beneficial, can have negative effects when done improperly. 74% of the clientele at Cressey Performance are baseball players. A majority of those players showed structural changes to their shoulders that was a direct result to back squatting.


Front squatting allows the barbell to sit more comfortably on the shoulder -- a much safer alternative for athletes who heavily use their shoulders. It also targets the quads and hamstrings more than the glutes. These large muscles are used for generating power to push off a mound.


Benefits of Barbell Front Squats


Conducting a proper front squat requires significantly more mobility and core strength than a back squat. In turn, the athlete can expect to exert more energy and get more out of their front squat routine while minimizing the risk of injury.


Back squats are proven to be more beneficial towards building muscle mass, which is phenomenal if you’re a bodybuilder. But when looking to increase your output on the field, look to front squats.






Written by: Devin Pickell

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