Baseball Inverted T Pitching Drills

Baseball Inverted T Pitching Drills

Inverted T - Ohio Fitness Garage

 How to do Baseball Inverted T Pitching Drills

Draw an inverted “T” with some duct tape if indoors, or using some chalk if on a field. The catcher will squat down in their normal position with their feet touching each side of the “T”. Using the letter as a guide, they will position themselves quickly and then throw down to second base.


A coach or teammate can toss a ball to the catcher, or the drill can be done individually with a bucket of balls. Go through drill about 5 times for 2-3 rounds.


The Purpose


It’s easy to forget your mechanics during in-game situations that require split-second judgement. But performance will ultimately suffer if you forget to nip these bad habits in the bud. This is especially true for catchers that find themselves off balance or not being able to catch base runners in time.


This drill makes sure your shoulders are in-line with second base, and you keep the ball by your ear instead of down by your side like an outfielder.  It also ensures catchers keep their momentum moving forward instead of being stationary.


The Results


The T Drill is perhaps one of the most fundamental drills a catcher can do if they’re looking to increase mobility and footwork for throwing out runners -- thus, leading to a better pop time. Pop time (time from the “pop” of the mitt down to second base), is probably the most coveted statistic for measuring a catcher’s efficiency.


Improving your mechanics not only leads to a better pop time, but is great for injury prevention. Throwing down to second is such an explosive movement, it’s vital for catchers to be stable and balanced the entire time.









Written by: Devin Pickell

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