Baseball Long Toss Ladder

Baseball Long Toss Ladder

Long Toss Ladder

 Long Toss Ladder - Ohio Fitness Garage


This is another drill that just requires two teammates playing catch. However, the incorporation of long toss means you should set aside around 200 feet of throwing space.


This is a ladder-type of workout, meaning you build up to the maximum distance and then work down to the minimum distance. The players should warm their arms up with some light, regular toss about 40 feet away from each other. Once the players are warm, begin stretching it out about 10-20 feet per 3-5 throws. Now begins the ladder.


Once you have reached your maximum throwing distance, it’s time to work down the ladder. Every 2-3 throws, come in at least 10-20 feet. The trick here is to maintain control and velocity on the ball. Do this drill for only one ladder.


The Purpose


From pitchers and catchers to infielders and outfielders, having a cannon arm is always valuable in baseball and softball. It doesn’t just make for great throws to home plate, but when the opposing team knows you have a strong arm, they’ll think twice about stealing second base or tagging up on a sac fly.


Long toss helps build these cannon-like arms. It’s one thing to acquire the strength in the weight room, but it’s another thing to apply that strength in the playing field. The use of ladder long toss makes sure this is done safely and effectively.


The Results


When done correctly, long toss is shown to have positive effects on throwing velocity. This is mainly because at longer distances, players have to incorporate a crow-hop in order to get the ball to the other player on a line drive.


A crow-hop is the ultimate explosive movement involved when throwing a ball. Crow-hopping maximizes the energy output you’ll get from every part of your body. However, the key is to keep your body stabilized and under control so you don’t end up sailing the ball 20 feet over your teammates head.





Written by: Devin Pickell

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