Baseball Strength Training: One Arm Dumbbell Row Benefits

Baseball Strength Training: One Arm Dumbbell Row Benefits


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 Baseball Strength Training: One Arm Dumbbell Row Benefits 

Grab a bench and a weight that you can complete at least four sets of 10 for each arm. Put one hand on the bench, and grab the weight with the other.


You’re going to bend your back at nearly a 90 degree angle. Keep your head somewhat in-line with your back to keep a good posture and reduce risk of pinching a nerve.


A single repetition is complete once the row is at the top and your scapula (upper back muscle covering your shoulder blade) is completely flexed, and then lowered back by your side. There’s no need to rush your reps. A fluid motion not only helps build strength, but stability in your scapula as well.


The Purpose


The reason why one-armed dumbbell rows work better than your traditional rows is because baseball and softball are played with unilateral parts of the body -- meaning different parts of the body are often stronger than others.


For example, left-handed pitchers may find themselves stronger on the left side of their body compared to the right. This can be true for everything from shoulder strength to back stability. Evening out both sides of the body is a better injury prevention method.


Benefits of the Single Arm Dumbbell Bent Over Row


Maintaining a strong upper back is essential for stability, durability, and generating power in everything from pitching to hitting. Implementing one-armed dumbbell rows that target even the smallest muscles in your upper back is a great way to build strength.


A weak or untrained back can be detrimental to both performance and injury prevention measures. Research shows that a baseball player’s arm can rotate at a velocity of 7,500 degrees per second. This violent motion causes microtears in the muscle fibers, and a player that skips their back workouts may be one throw away from a serious arm injury.







Written by: Devin Pickell

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