One Handed Baseball Hitting Drills

One Handed Baseball Hitting Drills

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 One-Handed Swing

You’re going to need a bat for this drill, preferably one that’s lighter, and choke up on it to get better control of your swing.


Begin the drill by grabbing the bat with your top hand first. Go through your swing at about 50% speed and have a coach watch your mechanics. After taking about 10 swings with your top hand, switch to your bottom hand and do the same thing.


A clean motion is the priority for this drill. Once finished with your 10 swings, take a rest and get ready for another round or two.


The Purpose


What the one-handed swing does is expose any “holes” or weak spots in your swing -- for example, if your top hand dips through the zone, or if you’re dropping your bottom hand. It’s best to do this drill with someone under-tossing balls to you, that way your swing is more authentic.


Batters who can maintain stability in their swing as their bat enters and exits the zone will have an easier time controlling their bat. This is partially due to the amount of forearm strength you’d need to have a perfectly stable swing, (take a look at the forearms of some major league hitters).


The Results


An increase in bat speed can also occur from regularly implementing one-armed swings into your routine. As your strength increases, try taking some regular batting practice only one-armed. Always make sure to follow through and complete your swing.











Written by: Devin Pickell

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