One Knee Trowing Drills in Baseball

One Knee Trowing Drills in Baseball

Baseball One Knee Pitching


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Get your arm warmed up, and then pair up with another pitcher to do this drill.


Begin by getting down on one knee (for right-handers it’s the right knee, for left-handers it’s the left knee), and slowly go through your pitching motion about 45-55 feet away from each other.


A single repetition is complete after you follow through with your throw, and the other pitcher completes a throw to you as well. Do about 10 back-and-forths. For added challenge, have the person catching you set their glove as target for you to hit.


The Purpose of One knee throwing 


By isolating your top half from your lower half, you force your body to follow through after each pitch is thrown. Following through is vitally important for both performance and injury prevention.


For pitchers that struggle with using their upper half, they might find the one knee drill to be pretty difficult. Initially, they may see a drop in their accuracy only because the movement is new to them. But towards the end of the drill, they should be able to line up each throw with the catcher.


The Results of One Knee Pitching 


Pitchers draw most their power from the legs, hips, and abs, but stabilization and accuracy comes out of a strong top half and being able to replicate mechanics every time.


A more fluid follow through is also great injury prevention for everything from shoulder to elbow and even obliques.










Written by: Devin Pickell

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