Baseball Shuttle Running

Baseball Shuttle Running

Shuttle Running


Shuttle Running - Ohio Fitness Garage


Grab four bright orange cones and set them up 15 yards apart from each other (in width) and about 40 yards apart from each other (in length).


Players should set up at the most left cone closest to you. Start by jogging down 40 yards to the second cone. From there, turn and do a 40 yard side shuffle to the third cone. Once you reach the third cone, turn in an all-out sprint towards the fourth cone.


A single repetition is complete once the full shuttle is ran. Have players come back around and keep the circuit going for about 5-10 reps. It’s preferable to do this drill on either natural grass or turf.


The Purpose


This type of shuttle run has many different purposes. The first purposes is being able to tap into many different types of body movements fairly quickly. These movements help train physical endurance.


The side shuffle helps with lateral movement that can be used anywhere from the base paths to infielding and outfielding. Engaging in the last sprint out of your shuffle helps build explosiveness.


The Results


Baseball and softball are sports of quick, explosive movements. From hitting and pitching, to fielding and baserunning, the shuttle run encompassess all of those movements. When you train the way you’ll play, the results will speak for themselves.


Also, shuttle runs like the one above allows for key resting time between intervals. Compared to foul poles where it’s a constant but slower and steady motion, shuttle runs expend a lot more energy and requires time for your body to recover and get right back in line for the next rep.







Written by: Devin Pickell

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