Baseball Spot Work/Soft Toss

Baseball Spot Work/Soft Toss

Spot Work/Soft Toss

 Spot Work/Soft Toss - Ohio Fitness Gsarage


To do this drill, you’ll need a bat, a bucket of balls, and a person for soft toss. This workout can be done in either a cage, against an L-screen, or an open field if you don’t mind shagging balls at the end of each round.


Have the person throwing soft toss be in the opposite batter’s box to you. They’ll release the ball either out in front of the zone, deep in the zone, inside, outside, high or low. When they release the ball, they’ll tell you a general spot on the field to hit the ball.


A single round of spot work/soft toss is about 10-15 swings per hitter. Once a hitter is done, switch it up and have them do the soft tossing. Do this drill for about 3-4 rounds.


The Purpose


Soft toss has always been a fundamental drill in baseball. It helps with basic hand-eye coordination skills and the results are similar to that of tee work. However the benefit to soft toss is that the hitter can really drive into the ball compared to a stationary target.


This drill also combines the use of spot work, which is phenomenal for situational hitting. Tell the hitter to “take this one the other way” to help with opposite field hitting. If you need a ground ball up the middle, voice that to the hitter.


The Results


Again, situational hitting in baseball and softball can be crucial to the outcome of the game. From a sacrifice fly to a double in the gap, a hitter that is disciplined enough to know the situation and put the ball in the best spot at the moment is sure to find success.


Professional players still do spot work to with their coaches to help with consistency. But if you really want to ramp up your hand-eye coordination, use smaller wiffle balls for soft toss and spot work.








Written by: Devin Pickell

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