Baseball - Tee Work

Baseball - Tee Work

Tee Work


Tee Work - Ohio Fitness Garage


Grab a tee, and get situated in your normal batting stance. Since tee work usually consists of a lot of swings, having a bucket of balls readily available can be helpful.


Move the tee inside, outside, up on the plate, and deep in the zone. Move the tee up towards your chest, and down towards your knees. Practice hitting in every part of the strike zone.


For each part of the zone, take up to 20 swings and then switch it up. This workout/drill is great because there are many variations of tees that are relatively inexpensive, and it can be done in either a cage or a confined space.


The Purpose


“Chicks dig the long ball” is a common saying nowadays, as launch angle and more frequent homeruns become the norm. But batting for consistency will never go out of style, and having a high on-base percentage is still an invaluable stat.


You can achieve such consistency with regular tee work. Yes, even the pros utilize tees in their day-to-day workouts. Tee work is beneficial because it not only teaches hitters to handle different parts of the strike zone, but trains hand-eye coordination as well.


The Results


With the rise of technology in sports, baseball labs have even used tee work and slow-motion cameras to breakdown the mechanics of hitters. Obviously these resources aren’t available to everyone, but with a player or coach monitoring your swing, you can receive great feedback on your tee work sessions.


Tee work should really teach you to drive your handle to the ball, keep a compact swing, and get some backspin on the ball when you ultimately make contact. Tee work forces your eye on the ball as well, something many younger players forget to do.







Written by: Devin Pickell


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