What Equipment is Needed for Tennis

What Equipment is Needed for Tennis

Basic Gear to Start Playing

 As you watch the French Open, you may be wondering how you can partake in your own game of tennis. As you look in awe at the professionals´ Gucci bags, matching outfits, and extraordinary shoes, know that none of it is necessary to play. By no means do you need a Gucci tennis racquet bag to be able to play the game.  Here are a couple gear tips to make sure you have the bare necessities before you start rallying at your local tennis court: racquet, ball, water.


Racquets can be pretty expensive depending on the material and extra add-ons. If its your first time on the courts, keep it simple. Better yet, many courts rent racquets for a minimal price. Though they are not always the best quality, it prevents you from spending all your money on this one piece, as it is the most expensive part of the game.


Balls are the next on the list. You can find fancy balls depending on the court type you play on, but generally, any type of ball will work. If you are hesitant about buying balls, you can always find used balls at the court and rent some if needed. If you are using old balls, give the ball a nice squeeze. If you can get your finger into the ball, your ball is dead. Try to find a ball with more bounce.


Water, last but not least. If you are playing outside, it can get hot. Some courts provide water, others don’t. To be safe, bring a water bottle with you to cool off on those hot, unshaded days.


After that, you are ready to serve up some fun on the courts!




Written by Michelle Gean

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