Basic Rules Rules of the Game - Volleyball

Basic Rules Rules of the Game - Volleyball

Basic Rules Rules of the Game - Volleyball


It is easy to start playing volleyball especially when you can grab a couple of friends, find a court, and start a pick-up game. However, there have been many times that I have played a game and we never entirely agreed with the rules. So, next time you play, check out these basic rules before you bump, set, spike.



The Net

Whatever you do, do not touch the net.


Generally, when you play a six-person match, players will rotate in a box. The players cannot change order. This is most applicable to the serves. You cannot skip a serve or miss your serve.


 No More than 3

Once you hit the ball over the net, you cannot hit the ball more than three times, and it has to be hit by three separate people. The ball can also not hit the ground. Once the ball touches the ground, it is out of play.


 Inside the lines

The ball must land inside the lines. If it is hit outside of the lines, that is considered a point for the opposing team.

Server Starts

The serve starts the game.

The game goes to 25 (Sand is 21)


 Each game goes to 25 points. In sand volleyball, the game goes to 21.

Best of 3 of 5 (Sand is 2 out of 3)

In volleyball, the team wins if they win three out of 5 games. In sand volleyball, you win the best two out of three.


 Two Point Margin

You can only win a game if you are leading by two points. The rally will continue if you aren’t ahead by two points. For example, you cannot win a game 24-25. You will have to win the game 24-26.

Five is 15

The fifth game is always played to 15 points while in Sand volleyball the third game is played to 21 points.



Written by Michelle Gean

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