3 Ways to Find a Tennis Hitting Partner

3 Ways to Find a Tennis Hitting Partner

Big Leauger: How to find a Partner and Start Playing Tennis Today

One of the hardest parts of playing a good game of tennis is finding a partner, and not only that, a good partner. Many times it is this that keeps people from making it to the courts. You’re in luck. If you want to find a partner or register for a league, we have all the inside secrets to get you on the court in no time.


Finding a Tennis Partner Through USTA

You can register for a US tennis league at USTA.com. Another, more involved, way to register is to find a club and meet people who play league tennis.


Finding a Tennis Partner Through Leagues 

You can register for spring, summer, and/or fall leagues. Registration for these leagues is generally ongoing. Once you find a team, the captain will register the team officially.


Use an App to Find a Tennis Partner

You can use the app called Tennis Buddy to find a partner just for the day. The app connects you with other tennis players in your area. You can choose the mile radius, connect with other players, and hit the court.





Written by Michelle Gean

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