Is Chlorine in the Swimming Pool Safe

Is Chlorine in the Swimming Pool Safe

 Chlorine and the Swimmer - Ohio Fitness garage


 Is Chlorine in the Swimming Pool Safe 

Turns out, the benefits of chlorine outweigh the side effects. Many studies have failed to correlate the exposure of pool chlorine to adverse health effects. When chlorine is used in the pool, it naturally morphs into another component to sanitize and clean the pool. The side effects of a pool without chlorine can be much more detrimental to health than a chlorine-filled pool. Caution should be taken when chlorine bonds with elements foreign to a standard pool set-up, like pee. These byproducts are what pool-goers should beware of. These byproducts that ventilate from the pool can be dangerous to swimmers if the air isn’t ventilated.






Though the chlorine itself is not known to cause severe health problems, the by-products that waft into the air can be detrimental. The worst one being the byproduct we see after someone pees in the pool. The reaction pee has with the chemicals in the pool causes unhealthy chemicals to form. These by-products can easily be avoided in an outdoor pool. The wind will blow away the chemicals and you have no need to worry. If you are in an indoor pool, you can protect yourself from these side effects by keeping a steady ventilation in the pool area.






Overall, the toxicity of chlorine poses less of a risk than the byproducts created from chlorine and elements foreign to a normal pool set-up. You don’t have to avoid the pool to remain safest don’t pee in it.









Written by Michelle Gean



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