Different Types of Soccer Fields



Though it seems like a grassy field it all that can exist, there are actually many different types of fields, and each one has a different impact on your game as well as your potential injuries. Let’s review the different types of fields.


Synthetic grass: Synthetic grass is made of artificial rubbers blended with fake, plastic grass. There have been several issues with this turf. In the past, there have been complaints of cancer-causing materials used in the material. On top of this, turf grass has been associated with a slower recovery time from some of the top soccer players. The grass can also harbor worse injuries as your cleat can get stuck in the fake grass. In real grass, your cleat won't get stuck and you are able to avoid ankle and knee injuries at a higher rate. Though there are many outcries about the turf, many are still waiting to be supported by evidential data.


Mixed Hybrid Grass: Fields can also be a mix of both materials. Though a mixed field is better than a synthetic field. It too still has its issues. It combines natural grass with reinforcing synthetic fibers. The field is generally harder than natural fields and pose many of the same issues as synthetic grass fields.


Real grass: Real grass is a better choice when it comes to playing professional games. The fields of the world cup are played on real grass, which mitigates and avoids career-ending injuries.



Written by Michelle Gean





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