Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Baseball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Baseball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Baseball

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Baseball, commonly referred to as “America’s pastime”, was invented in 1839, with the first formal game being played in 1845. Although the game has seen some changes since the 1800s, its popularity has spread throughout the world. Our neighbors in Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico have become baseball powerhouses, while leagues in Japan bring many players to baseball’s most competitive professional organization -- Major League Baseball (MLB).


How to play Baseball


Baseball is the North American version of a “stick-and-ball” game, which is why it’s so easy to pick up. You’ll need a mit (or a glove) and a bat if you want to compete. Baseball players are also required to wear a ball cap, a jersey and pants, and some metal-spiked cleats to grip the playing field.


In a competitive game, baseball requires two teams to field nine players each in nine different positions. One inning of baseball is completed when your team has played both offense and defense. To win, you’ll need to hold the other team to fewer runs in a nine inning game.


Rules of Baseball


  • There are nine positions: Pitcher, catcher, third base, shortstop, second base, first base, left field, center field, and right field.
  • There are four bases: Home plate, first base, second base, and third base. Each base is 90 feet apart, while the pitcher’s mound is 60 feet 6 inches from home plate.
  • To get on base, you’ll need to hit the ball without it being caught or reach a base before the ball is thrown to it (or before you get tagged).
  • You’ll also be called out if you strike out. This happens when you swing and miss at three pitches, or look at a ball in the strike zone. Foul balls (balls that are hit out of play) are also considered strikes, but you can’t strike out on a foul ball.
  • You’ll be awarded a free base if you manage to look at four balls that are out of the strike zone, or if you’re hit by a pitch.
  • There are many ways to score, but the most common way involves getting enough runners on base to advance the next runner. Balls that are hit into gaps in the outfield also present great scoring chances. The most exciting way to score is by hitting a homerun, or when you hit the ball so far, that it goes over the outfield wall.
  • No game can end in a tie. In the event that the game is still tied after nine innings, the two teams will have to duel it out until a winner emerges.
  • The home team always bats last, unless their defense has an opportunity to win the game in the top of the ninth inning or later.


Many of baseball’s rules actually haven’t changed much since 1845, but technology has brought instant replays and coaching challenges to modernize the sport. A neat feature of baseball is that it’s the only major professional sport that has no time limit, and allows teams to have different field dimensions.


Written by Devin Pickell

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