Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Basketball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Basketball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Basketball


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Basketball is another classic American-born sport, with the first official game taking place in 1891 with the purpose of conditioning young athletes in the cold winter months. The sport is most popular in North America and Europe, but more Asian leagues are emerging as basketball increases its influence. Basketball’s most profitable and talented league is the National Basketball Association (NBA).


How to play Basketball


Much like soccer and baseball, basketball is one of the easiest sports to just pick up and play because of the sport’s nature. All you need is a basketball, shoes that provide enough ankle support, and a court (which are widely accessible, especially in larger cities).


In a competitive game, basketball requires two teams to put five players in five different positions on the court. Each game consists of four periods, each 12 minutes long. Similar to football, there’s a halftime at the end of the first two quarters.


Rules of the Game or Basketball


  • Basketball rosters are small, with a maximum of 12 players on each team. The five positions of basketball include: one point guard, two shooting guards, a center, and a forward. There are variations to how many of these positions are out on the court at the same time. For example, if you prioritize speed, you might have more guards on the court. If you prioritize size, you may have more forwards on the court.
  • The court, which is always hardwood, is 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. These dimensions can change for International leagues, but the rim is always 10 feet above the ground.
  • Each game starts with a tip-off, in which the team’s tallest or highest jumping players will attempt to tip the ball in their team’s favor.
  • Players can only navigate the floor by dribbling the ball. A player can take a maximum of two steps after picking up their dribble.
  • There are three ways to score: Three points if a player is beyond the arc (almost 24 feet from the basket), the standard two pointer which is everything from a 20-foot jumper to a dunk, and free throws which count for one point each.
  • There are many ways to turnover the ball, such as double-dribbling, travelling, goaltending, back court violation, if the ball goes out of bounds, or different time violations.
  • Player’s only have 10 seconds to bring the ball past half court, and 24 seconds to at least make a basket or hit the opponent’s rim before their hit with a violation.
  • Basketball games never end in a tie. If the game is still tied at the end of four periods, teams will have to play additional periods until there’s a winner.


Similar to football, there are many different types of fouls in basketball. These fouls can result in a team shooting free throws, a turnover in possession, or a cease of play. There’s also different severity of fouls, such as flagrant fouls which are intentional and could result in a player being ejected if serious enough.

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Wikipedia Rules if Basketball 

Written by Devin Pickell

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