Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Golf

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Golf

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Golf


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Golf is considered one of the oldest sports to still be played today, as it traces its origins back to the 1400s in Scotland. Golf’s popularity spans well throughout North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia, with over half a million courses in the world! The Professional Golf Association (PGA) hosts the world’s most competitive tournaments.


How to play Golf


Perhaps one of the most simple games out there, the goal of golf is to get your ball in the hole in as few attempts (or strokes) as possible. Although this sounds easy, golf can be incredibly difficult and could take many years to climb through the ranks.


If you can find a course, all you’ll really need is to invest in a pair of clubs. There are other accessories available to golf players, such as sunglasses and golf cleats for different terrains, but these aren’t required of players.


Rules of Golf


  • There are five types of golf clubs that are meant to be used on different parts of the course. You have your woods (including the driver), irons, hybrids, wedges, and putters. The driver is typically used right when you tee off to get the maximum distance out of your shot, while a wedge may help you get out of a sand trap or steep hill.
  • There are many different ways to score a golf game, but the method used in professional tournaments uses “under” or “over” par. Think of par as the “expected” amount of shots it should take for a course. In a full round, par is usually between 70 and 72 shots -- but that’s rare for most golfers.
  • Amateur games of golf typically only last 18 holes, while professional tournaments last 72 holes (or four rounds), over the course of four days.
  • The one rule of golf that permeates all levels is the player must play the ball where it lies. In the event that the ball is hit into a water hazard or out of bounds, that player will lose a stroke and continue playing as close to the original spot as possible.
  • The actual golf hole will be marked with a flag so it’s visible to players at a long distance.
  • A player can only lift their ball if they’re on the putting green. In that case, the ball’s place needs to be marked with a tee.
  • There are two forms of playoffs if the game is tied at the end of 72 holes -- aggregate and sudden death (the most common). In sudden death, tied participants will play one additional hole at a time until a winner emerges.


It’d certainly be a challenge to find two golf courses that are the same, which makes this such a unique sport to play. Golf also has one of the widest age ranges because it’s not as taxing on the body as sports like boxing, football, or basketball.


Written by Devin Pickell

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