Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Volleyball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Volleyball

Everything You Need to Know about the Sport Volleyball


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 History of the Sport of Volleyball 

Invented by William G. Morgan in 1895, the sport of volleyball is meant to take aspects from basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball. Thanks to the YMCA and NCAA discussions in 1916, this made volleyball an official collegiate sport, ultimately boosting its popularity. Now, volleyball is played throughout the world and even at the summer Olympics every four years.


How to play Volleyball


There are essentially three principles of volleyball: bump, set, and spike. Using these movements, players have to “volley” a ball back and forth until the ball touches the ground or goes out of bounds.


Aside from a volleyball, the only equipment you’ll really need is a net. Some players even wear knee pads to support their bodies if they dive or slide after a ball.


Rules of the game of Volleyball


  • There are only six players allowed on the court for each team. These positions include: Outside hitter, opposite hitter, setter, middle blocker, libero, and defensive specialist. These positions are also not confined to one spot on the court. Depending on the formation, players may move around their half of the court for strategic positioning.
  • Volleyball courts are 59 feet long by 29.5 feet wide. The netting splits the court in two halves, and stands at 8 feet tall for men and 7 feet 4 inches for women.
  • To start the game, a player will serve the ball from behind the baseline (or out of bounds). From there, the ball can only be hit a maximum of three times per team (no player can hit the ball consecutively). The third hit will have to launch the ball onto the opponent’s half of the court, and this process restarts until the ball is grounded -- resulting in a point.
  • Games are played best of three or best of five sets, with each game played up to 25 points. However, a team must win by at least two points per set.
  • Players must stay on their half of the court at all times. If any part of the player’s body crosses over into their opponent’s half, that is a violation and loss of point.
  • If a player goes up to block or spike the ball and makes contact with the net, that is a violation and loss of point.
  • A ball that is served into the net and doesn’t make it over is a violation, but no loss of point. Instead, possession is turned over to their opponent.
  • Some violations and point losses are completely at the judge’s discretion.
  • The ball may only travel over the net.
  • A ball that hits any part of the line signaling out of bounds is still considered in bounds.

Volleyball Court Dimensions - Wikipedia - Ohio Fitness Garage

Volleyball Court Dimensions - Wikipedia

Because of the height of the net, professional volleyball players are actually quite tall -- even rivaling basketball players. These players are extremely athletic, and use their high jumping verticals and agile lateral movement to compete.


Written by Devin Pickell

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