Five Appropriate Snacks For the Soccer Game

Five Appropriate Snacks For the Soccer Game

Five Appropriate Snacks For the Soccer Game

Five Appropriate Snacks For the Soccer Game - Ohio Fitness Garage

 What to Eat Before a Soccer Game?

There’s a little more to fueling your kid for practice or a game than simply bringing a pack of sugary snacks, mixing it with a Caprisun and calling it a day.


Snacks provide a purpose—especially during a sport or competition. A quality snack should:


  • Give enough energy and calories to help their muscles power through whatever activity or sport they're competing in.
  • Provide hydration and keep them hydrated throughout the entire game or practice.
  • Give your child the proper nutrients that aid in growth and development.
  • Work ahead of time in promoting recovery even before the game ends.
  • Especially for a snack during the game, they should be easily digested and not heavy or greasy in the stomach.


Whether you are responsible for remembering to fueling your own child up before their game or it’s your turn to provide the entire team with halftime snacks, here are some kid-friendly and parent-approved game snacks that are not only taste but give them the nutrition they need to be fueled for their game.


These snacks can change depending on the time of day that your child is playing at or if it’s before or after the game.


For Those After School Games

Especially since it has probably been a while since your child has eaten at school—due to an early lunchtime—they’ll probably be hungry long before the game starts.


Not only are these great choices for an after-school snack, no matter if your kid is playing in a game or not, they are perfect for a pre-game snack because they are packed with carbs and proteins. These are responsible to give your child the energy they need to play. Here are a few options:


  • A low-sugar yogurt option, whether it comes with a throw-away spoon or a portable plastic tube that you can throw away.
  • Good ol’ PB&J: If you can, use natural peanut butter or almond butter with natural fruit jam or jelly.
  • Wraps (whole-wheat) with low-fat turkey and cheese wraps
  • Low-fat string cheese and mini pretzels or crackers.
  • Always keep water available before and during the game to hydrate!


For Those Saturday Morning Games

Eating a healthy breakfast is an important part of a pre-game routine. Therefore, fueling your small champion a healthy, energy-fueled breakfast before you head to their big game can be done easily with these breakfasts:


  • A wheat or cinnamon-raisin bagel with flavored, low-fat cream cheese
  • An English muffin sandwich (NOT from McDonald’s) with lean turkey or ham and cheese
  • Greek yogurt or regular yogurt with granola, cereal or dried fruit.
  • A finely blended smoothie made with fruits


For Those Post-Game Snacks

Right after running around for a long time, your kid will probably be hungry. However, even if they aren’t, they should really replenish the fuel and fluids lost during their game for a post-game snack:


  • Low-fat chocolate milk is the perfect post-game or post-practice snack.
  • Any type of fruit—whether it’s a banana, orange slices or apple slices
  • Good ol’ granola bars. If they are healthy, they are a perfect sized snack.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.


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