History of the Soccer Game


Though the sport dates back to thousands of years ago in various European and South American countries, it is said that England is the country that advanced the sport to what it is known as today. As we watch the sport take the world stage,  let’s acknowledge its humble beginnings.


There is evidence of the game being played, unofficially, as early as the second and third centuries BC. The game was used as a military training of the Han dynasty. There was also evidence of similar games originating in Greece and Japan. Though the game is technically thousands of years old, it wasn’t until the 1800´s that is had an official governing body.


Its first official beginning was in the 1800´s when the rugby association branched into two different associations, rugby and football. The first governing body of football, or soccer, was formed in England.


The game later progressed to have its first world cup in the 1930´s with 13 competing teams. Uruguay was not only the host country but also the champion of the first World Cup. Since then, 19 other countries have claimed the world title, with European and South American countries dominating the sport. Brazil leads the world with five titles while Germany and Italy follow close behind with 4 titles.


Let´s see who adds another title to their list this Sunday as France takes on Croatia. Will it be Croatia´s first win or will France add another title to their list? The history of soccer continues on Sunday.



Source: FIFA

Written by Michelle Gean


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