How to Assign the Right Soccer Position for Your Child

How to Assign the Right Soccer Position for Your Child

How to Assign the Right Soccer Position for Your Child


DepeHow to Assign the Right Soccer Position for Your Child - Ohio Fitness Garagending on how old the child is and at what level they're playing at, at one point, there will come a decision where the child will either be assigned a position by the coach or be asked where they like to play.


It is, of course, one of the coach’s privileges and responsibilities to read the child and the game and be able to find a great position for them. Of course, the younger they are, the less it “matters” because they all bunch up anyway. However, at a young age, they should be introduced to several different positions and be able to make the decision to help self-identify which ones they like best. It really is about exposure and having the opportunity to try every position.


Here are a few positions (depending on the age group) that will be available for your kid and what characteristics to look for in your player when trying to assign them a position.


The Goalkeeper (keeper/goalie)

Although if your child is lazier it might seem that goalie is a perfect position for them but try and encourage the kids who are less likely to be motivated to move on their own to get out there and try playing. However, if your young player seems to be favoring the goalie position, some characteristics that will help determine if they'll be good at it are coordinated, athletic, good hand-eye coordination and be brave.


Outside Defense

These are usually players who like to position themselves at the back and then move quickly into the attack. However, if assigned this position, their main objective should be defending their goal. Some characteristics that make a good outside-d are speed, concentration, aggressiveness, decisiveness, and a will to score.


Center Defense

If the child likes to hang back and take care of the opposing forwards, center defense might be their position. They should feel okay with being the team’s last opportunity to defend their goal (besides the goalie). Some characteristics to look for are: awareness, decisiveness, confidence and defensive skills.


Center Midfielders

Those who like to position themselves near the center of the field and play with all players can be put at center-mid. They should have a good balance between being offensive and defensive-minded. Players who play center-mid should be willing to run—a lot—in all plays, be confident, and willing to allow others to take the glory.


Outside Midfielders (winger)

Just like the center mid, this player should be comfortable in both the attack and the defense. However, they should also have relatively good ball control, be fit and fast. Playing outside on the wing leaves a player with a lot of room to run with the ball, so it’s a benefit if they're fast!


Forwards (strikers)

A natural-minded goal scorer that can handle the pressure of scoring the goals for their team, a forward should also not be too selfish and be able to feed balls to others to score too. This player, especially at a young age is probably more selfish with the ball and doesn't do well with defense.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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