How to get my Son or Daughter Recruited for College Soccer Team

How to get my Son or Daughter Recruited for College Soccer Team

How to get my Son or Daughter Recruited for College Soccer Team

 How to get my Son or Daughter Recruited for College Soccer Team - Ohio Fitness Garage

Even though you might have a younger child at home, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future and recognizing how to prepare your child’s future and give them the best opportunity for a great future.


Although getting attention for your child to attend colleges on a soccer scholarship may seem daunting, here is a breakdown of five simple points to focus on while on you and your child’s journey.


  1. 1. Get Good Grades: Regardless if your child is taken high-level classes, they still need to commit to getting good grades. Colleges will definitely be looking for athletes who also succeed in the classroom, giving them much fewer problems academically and having a high GPA for the team and a high graduation rate for their players. Your child’s ACT and SAT scores also play a relatively big part on scholarship money—so study hard specifically for those, too!


  1. 2. Cut It Down to 10 Schools. Making a list and weeding your opportunities down to the final ten. Make sure there is an adequate variety on the list according to what’s most important to you. A great, varied list can look like: 3 schools that your child would have 100 percent playing time at, 4 schools that your child would have to fight for position but is still likely that you would play, and 3 that are above your child’s level.


You also need to find the perfect balance that meets your child’s needs academically and athletically since they will be a student-athlete and not just an athlete or not just a student. Be realistic about your child’s chances of going professional (or the longevity of that career) and recognize that a good degree is ultimately the most important.


  1. Make Contact. There are certain rules pertaining to when and if a coach can contact you or your coach or when you can contact them. However, once you get to that magical point where you can make the first move, you should put together a well-formed e-mail. Check, double check, and triple check your work to make sure you have the right coach. Make it as customized as possible pertaining to each school, characteristics of their team, and the coach’s name or style.


  1. Put Together a Highlight Video. If your child has reached his or her sophomore year and there’s no highlight tape—you should really get working on it. It’s really much easier than you would think. If you can, there are services, especially at major tournaments that can film your game. You can even hire someone to put together the highlight tape and cut out the best parts of your child. This highlight reel is important to catch the coach’s attention and get a good grasp of how and who you are as a player. Don’t make it cheesy either—just straight to the point.


  1. Make Your Rounds. Even if you cannot go on college trips yet, nothing is stopping you from visiting campuses to see if you enjoy them or not. Until your child is of-age where they can go on their unofficial and official visit, you can still find out what he or she likes, which will help you majorly when deciding which college to choose.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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