How to play Table Shuffleboard

How to play Table Shuffleboard


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What is now considered a neat bar or arcade game has some interesting roots in the U.S. The game of table shuffleboard was commonly played during colonial times and after the Revolutionary War. The sport became an American staple, and during the late 1800s, table shuffleboard tournaments could have been front-page news in the New York Times.


How to play Table Shuffleboard


There are many different variations, the most common one called knock off shuffleboard, where the first player to 15 points or team to 21 points is deemed the winner. Other variations include horsecollar, beer, tap and draw, crazy eight, and target.


Table shuffleboard is all about finesse and being able to have complete control of your shots. These boards have little friction thanks to laminate and sawdust, so hurling your weighted pucks down the board aggressively won’t win you a game.


Rules for Playing Table Shuffleboard


  • Table shuffleboard can either be played individually and up to 15 points, or on a team and up to 21 points.
  • Boards are about 22 feet long and 20 inches wide, and made of finely sanded and laminated thick wood to create a frictionless top. Sawdust sits in the outer troths of the board, where players can use it to rub down to surface.
  • There are three scoring sections near the end of the boards, going up to 3 points.
  • The object is to hurl your four pucks down the board and have them land within a scoring section.
  • In knock off, players can use their own pucks to knock an opponent's puck off the board.
  • In rare cases, a hanger will occur. This means if your puck is in the ‘3’ section and hanging off the end of the board, it will count as ‘4’ points instead.
  • In even rarer cases, a corner hanger can happen. That’s when your puck is in the ‘3’ section and hanging off the corner. It will count as ‘13’ points.
  • Games of table shuffleboard are usually played best two out of three.


Table shuffleboard is such a cornerstone American sport, that in 1995 a National Shuffleboard Hall of Fame was built in Clearwater, Florida. To date, there are 12 professional players in the hall of fame. So while table shuffleboard is still a fun and relaxed arcade game, many competitors today make a living playing the sport.







Written by: Devin Pickell

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