Selecting a Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Selecting a Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Let’s Start a Racquet: The Basics of Buying your First Racquet

You’re ready to buy your own tennis racquet to call your own. You’ve played several times, and you know the feel of your favorite racquet. You’re standing at the front desk, and they proceed to ask you many questions: graphite or fiber glass? How do you want it strung, what tension? What’s your grip size? What’s your frame size? You suddenly go into panic mode. You thought buying your first racquet would be much more simple. No worries, here is a guide to all the intricacies of buying your first racquet.


Tennis Racquet Material

The most common racquet is made with graphite. The major thing this affects is the weight of the racquet. If the store offers two different materials, try holding both racquets to see which you prefer. Too heavy, you’ll feel it in your wrist. Too light, add a little weight.  If you have already been playing with a racquet you like, try to copy it.


Tennis Racquet Tension Range 

The higher the tension of your racquet gives you more control. With less tension, the ball goes further and it will have more power. If you hit the ball hard, you would generally prefer more tension in your racquet. Racquets also come with a recommended tension. So, if you have no preference, let the racquet guide you.


Grip and Head Size

The head size references the surface area of the racquet (where the strings are). The bigger the head the more likely you will hit the ball. The smaller the head, you need to be more accurate. Grip size is the thickness of the neck just below the head of the racquet. Both of these measurements are tailored for your comfort. Bigger hands generally correlate with thicker grips.


And you’re off. You’ve bought your first racquet to fit your game.



Written by Michelle Gean

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