Why Does Chlorine Make Your Hair Green?

Why Does Chlorine Make Your Hair Green?

Myth or Fact: Green haired swimmers?


 Myth or Fact Green haired swimmers - ohio fitness garage

Why Does Chlorine Make Your Hair Green?

It´s a smurf, its an avatar, its an alien. Nope, its just a green-haired swimmer. Developing green hair from the pool is not a myth. It is a phenomenon experienced by many swimmers, especially blonde simmers, across the nation, and chlorine is not the culprit. Let’s take a look at whats causing green-haired swimmers around the world.


This unique phenomenon is caused by absorption of copper into the hair when a weak complex of copper sulfate is present in the pool water. The hair absorbs the copper and turns green. There are a couple ways to inhibit this reaction before your head turns green.


One way to inhibit this reaction is to cover your hair with an ammonium based conditioner. Ammonium is proved to inhibit this reaction. Not only will the conditioner stop the reaction but it will also keep your hair moisturized and protected against the harsh chemicals of the pool.


Another, more simple way to avoid the green head effect is to swim in a different pool. The free floating weak complexes of copper sulfate are not present in all pools. The mot simple solution would be to protect your hair with conditioner and high-tail it to the next local pool.



Source: Society of Cosmetic Chemists


Written by Michelle Gean


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