Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming

Open Water

 Open Water Swimming - Ohio Fitness Garage

You’ve been swimming in a pool for a while. You’re accustomed to the smell of chlorine on your body, and the black line on the bottom of the pool is your best friend. You’re ready for something new. It´s time to try open water swimming.


Open water swimming is a different kind of a beast. You have to adjust to the currents, visibility, and weather. It can add a new aspect to your routine swims, and it can be a new challenge. Before you swim your first open water competition, here are a few things you should know.


Plan your start

The start of an open water race can be brutal. Imagine 200 people lining up along the same line, and as soon as the whistle blows, everyone piles into the same water, pushing and tugging at each other. Yeah, the start of an open water swim is something else. It helps to strategically plan your start. Hint: The race isn’t won by the start.


Make sure you have the appropriate gear

Know the time of year you will be racing as well as the competition guidelines. This way you can plan for your race with the right gear, whether you need to keep you warm or keep cool.


Know the course

Most of the time open water courses aren’t extremely straight forward. Many times you have to traverse several buoys. Make sure you have a general idea of where you are going so you don’t swim a little extra than everyone else.



Written by Michelle Gean

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