Outdoor High School Track and Field Events – Running

Outdoor High School Track and Field Events – Running

Outdoor High School Track and Field Events – Running

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High school track and field running events are broken down into three categories: sprints, middle distance, and long distance.   Sprints are short running events from zero to 400 meters. Due to the distance of these events, the race can be won and lost at the starting blocks.  On these shorter races a person’s performance has to be close to perfect to get on that hardware podium.  Next is Middle Distance Races. These races are 800 to 3000 meters. The next distances are the Long Distance Races.  I like to call these races nacho races.  When the long distance races come up, it is time for me to get some nachos and go to the bathroom.

Below are the running events broken down by sex and distance.  These are outside spring events. They will not include cross-country or indoor track.  These are the basic track events that are in most meets. In high school there are also invitational relay meets that can consist of any of the below in the standard or a hybrid relay medley format where each of the four runners runs a different distance. An example is a 1600 meter relay medley (200,200,400,800).  

High School Track Sprinting Events Male (M) Female (F)

  1. M & F 100 meters
  2. M & F 200 Meters
  3. M & F 400 meters
  4. F 100 meters 33 inch hurdles
  5. M 110 meters high hurdles 39 inches
  6. F 300 meters low hurdles 30 inches
  7. M 300 meters hurdles 36 inches
  8. M & F 4x100 meters relay
  9. M & F 4x200 meters relay
  10. M & F 4x400 meters relay the last event of all track meets

High School Track Middle Distance Events

  1. M&F 800 meters
  2. M&F 1600 meters
  3. M&F 4x800 relay

High School Track Long Distance events

  1. M&F 3200 meters

These are the standard events not in event order of most high school track meets.

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