Playing Soccer With the Boys—How Your Little Girl Can Get Better

Playing Soccer With the Boys—How Your Little Girl Can Get Better

Playing Soccer With the Boys—How Your Little Girl Can Get Better


If your little girl seems to be excelling at the sport and needs an extra challenge, there are two things you can do at this point, both of which I participated in when I was young:

  • Playing Up (One or Two) Years
  • Playing With the Boys


When I was younger, playing with the boys was almost never done and downright unheard of. Only a couple girls across the state would be able to keep up with the boys and if their parents had the nerve to sign them up for it—they would try and with luck, might be able to play.


However, playing with the boys (especially at an age where skill and speed are developed) is a very beneficial risk to take, regardless of what other people might think.


Your child also doesn't have to be the best on her team to transition over to the boys’ side. Simply being a part of the boys’ team will help her immensely in the developmental process.


There are loads of benefits of a girl playing a boys team—and not just for the female player:


  • Develops Strong Character of Both Parties: Not only are we talking about the boys and girls that are playing, I’m also talking about the parents and coaches involved, as well. With an addition of a girl on the team or on the field, each coach and parent/spectator/ref watching the game has a choice to make: whether they act on it positively and fairly or if they make a huge deal about it.


  • Allows Your Girl to Grow in Speed of Play: Physically speaking, the majority of the time, boys are faster and stronger than girls. However, depending on the age, some girls might be faster than the boys (or bigger than them) depending on development since girls grow faster than boys do. But there is one major difference between female and male soccer—the boys play quicker. If a girl has the opportunity to play and participate with such a quick speed of play, when or if they return to the girls game, they'll be much, much quicker thinkers, reactors, and players.


  • Makes Her Fearless: You have to be one tough little girl to play with the boys. Especially if they're going to play against you just like they play against the other little boys. You have to be fearless when it comes to 50-50s and never back down from a challenge.


  • Instills Respect in Younger Boys for the Opposite Gender: Showing through actions that it’s totally normal to let a girl play with them and especially if they are better than them is a great opportunity to instill a sense of respect and equality. Regardless of what people may think—this is not born, it’s taught.


  • Breaks Gender Barriers: With all the discrimination, hatred, and negative stereotypes, signing your little girl up to play with the boys is giving her the opportunity to shut them up. Girls CAN play with and against boys—and we can beat them, too.


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