Rules of the Game Beer Pong

Rules of the Game Beer Pong

What originated out of ivy league schools along the East Coast of the U.S. is now one of the most popular party games around the world. Although there is no governing body for the game, there is a World Series of Beer Pong that attracts over 1,000 participants from 45 different US states and 5 different Canadian provinces.


How to play Beer Pong


Beer pong is a game that uses relatively inexpensive equipment. All you’ll need is a folding table, a pack of red solo cups, a pack of ping pong balls, and 3 to 5 percent beer. The game is always played with two teams of two.


Although beer pong is a fun game, there is a true competitive nature behind it. The best players are highly accurate and have perfected the various throwing techniques, such as the bounce, the fastball, and the arch.


Rules of Beer Pong


  • An official beer pong table is about 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. 10 cups will be placed on the table in a triangular fashion. These cups must “kiss” each other, meaning no space is in between them. Additionally, they must be filled at least ⅓ with beer or water.
  • Players will shoot three balls from their side, then turn it over to their teammate. This process goes back and forth until a winner is declared.
  • A player must throw their ball from behind the table. Failure to do so results in an “elbow foul” and the shot will be invalid.
  • When a ball lands in a cup, that cup must be taken away. Bouncing a ball will count as two cups, however if a ball is bounced, the opposing player can swipe it out of the air.
  • In the event of a bounced ball be swiped but the opposing player accidently knocks cups off the table, these cups will be scored accordingly.
  • Teams have two “re-rack” options per game. This means they can ask the opposing team to rearrange the cups in a valid re-rack position, such as a diamond or zipper. This can only be done at the beginning of each round and not during the middle of a throw.
  • A game ends when all cups have been scored. When the last cup is made, the opposing team has a chance to rebuttal. This means they must make all of their remaining cups on the table.
  • In the very rare event that this happens, the game will go to a three cup overtime. If the game is still tied after that, it’ll go to a one cup shootout.


Once a cup is made, an opposing player must drink the contents in that cup. However, part of what makes beer pong so fun is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be played with beer. Many people, in fact, play the game with water and just move cups to the side of the table once they’ve been made. This attracts a younger audience who just want the fun of the game.


Written by: Devin Pickell

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