Improve Tennis Serve Accuracy

Improve Tennis Serve Accuracy


Serves up

The hardest part of the game many, arguably, is the serve. Its the beginning of each game and it can also be the quick end of a game. The easiest way to exponentially improve your tennis game is to improve your serve. Here are some tips to improve your serve.

Perfecting Tennis ball Toss

The better you throw the ball, the more likely you will be able to hit it. This is a common area of improvement, and it takes practice to find the sweet spot, the perfect spot where your racquet perfectly meets the ball.


Tennis Racquet Timing

Time your racquet with the toss. This is a tough one. You want to hit the ball when it is in the right place in the air—high enough to reach your arm straight up to reach the ball and not low enough so that you are bending your elbow. You want to perfect your timing so you can hit the ball every time.


One Foot in Front of the Next

Generally, your feet will be in a staggered position. If you hold the racquet in your right hand your left foot will be a little in front of your right. If you’re left handed, vice versa. This stance helps you hit the ball powerfully with the racquet. It allows you to apply torque to the ball whereas if you stood straight you wouldn’t get that extra power.


Why Should I Get a Tennis Coach 

Last but not least, get a coach to watch your serve and give you real-time tips. You can find a coach at your local club. This is the easiest and best way to perfect not only your serve but also your game.


Put it on Repeat

Practice, practice, practice. A Serena Williams-serve doesn’t happen over night. Keep perfecting your timing and toss, and you’ll be winning your matches in no time.

Written by Michelle Gean

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