How to Throw a Baseball For Beginners: Snap Throwing

How to Throw a Baseball For Beginners: Snap Throwing

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Snap Throwing in Baseball

This is another catcher drill that will require a coach to toss them the ball, and a teammate at each base to receive a throw. As an alternative, you can replace teammates with screens as targets for the catcher to throw to.


The act of snap throwing is throwing from your knees. This drill incorporates snap throwing at every base. At the request of the coach, the catcher will have to make a strong but accurate throw each time.


Go through the bases a couple of times, and then move to the next catcher for their reps. An accuracy game can also be incorporated for competitiveness. The more on-target the throw is, the higher point value.


The Purpose


While snap throwing isn’t much of a factor in the beginner to intermediate levels of softball and baseball, it can certainly be valuable at the higher levels. This drill not only contributes to increased arm strength behind the plate, but it forces catchers to undertake a clean but quick throwing motion in order to get the ball over to the desired base.


Coaches should also look to toss to all sides of the plate to ensure their catchers are dropping down to their knees properly.


The Results


Obviously throwing the ball from your feet will yield greater velocity on the ball, as it involves more explosive movements. But being able to effectively throw from your knees to any base makes you a serious threat as a catcher -- even if you don’t have the greatest arm strength.


A quick, accurate, and well-timed throw from the knees may not catch a runner stealing, but it will keep them closer to the base and think twice before getting a big lead off. This will also have positive effects on your pitcher, as it relieves some of the pressure of having to hold them closely.





Written by: Devin Pickell

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