Soccer -More Than One Way to Kick It


More Than One Way to Kick It


Have you ever watched Cristiano Ronaldo score goals and wonder how he magically makes the ball arc? Yeah, me too, and then, I learned the trick. There are several ways you can kick a ball. Let’s check them out.


Top of foot: When you kick the ball with the top of your foot, it is the strongest kick, but with its strength, it is a little more difficult to control. More often than not, this kick is used to score goals.


Inside of Foot: This kick is the most controlled and accurate. It isn’t as strong, but it is a good kick to use when you pass to your teammates.


Arc: This kick seems like magic. It is when the ball makes an arc in the air. To execute, it can be quite complex. In short,  you can either kick the ball with the internal part of your foot while you move your leg externally, away from your body. Or, you can kick the ball with the external part of your foot while moving your leg internally, towards your body. With a mixture of air resistance and science, the ball spins and makes an arc-like movement in the air.


Body position: Believe it or not, your body position also affects the ball. When you lean back, the ball goes up, and when you lean forward, the ball stays close to the ground.


Let´s kick it soccer style.


Written by Michelle Gean


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