Soccer Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game


But, But, why didn’t Messi´s goal count? He scored it fair and square, right? Well, it turns out, there are some very complex rules to soccer. Whether you are closely following the world cup or want to play in a game of your own, here are some of the basic rules you need to know.


1.)An equal number of players on each side—Even if you aren’t paying a formal game, make sure you have an equal number of players on each side. Formal games consist of 11 players v 11, 7 players v 7, and 5 players v 5.

2.) Offsides—I think this is the hardest rule to follow, at times, because without close attention i6 is easily breakable. At all times, there needs to be two players between yourself and the goal, when your teammate kicks the ball. Once the ball is kicked, you can run beyond the other players.

3.) Inside the lines— Short and simple: keep the ball within the lines of the field.

4.) When to use your hands— When the ball goes out of bounds on the lateral sides of the field, you must throw the ball into play. When you throw the ball, you must be careful to not move your hands past the top of your head. The throw must be overhead.

5.) When to not use your hands—Unless you are throwing the ball into play or you are a goalie, you should not be using your hands. If you use your hands (from your shoulders to your fingers) on the field, you will be given a penalty.

6.) When the ball goes out of bounds near the goal—When the ball goes out of bounds over the goal, a player must kick the ball into play from within the 6-yard box or goal area.

7.) All penalties (including dangerous plays) and hand-balls— Equal a free kick for the unoffending team at the place where the penalty occurred. If it was a handball, two people must touch the ball before you kick it into the goal.

8.) Inside the goal area—This is a very delicate space. Any penalties within this area and you will get a free kick at the goal while the other players stand and watch.

9.) Goalkeeper—When it is the goalkeeper’s job to put the ball back into play, he must kick the ball to a player outside of the goal area.

10.) No offsides— There is no offsides when the goalkeeper kicks the ball or when someone is throwing the ball into play from the lateral sides.

15.) Throw to a partner—When you throw or kick a ball after it has gone out of bounds, you must kick it to a teammate. You cannot keep ownership of the ball.


Catch the World Cup final Sunday at 11 AM ET.




Written by Michelle Gean

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