List of Equipment need for Soccer Training

List of Equipment need for Soccer Training

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List of Equipment need for Soccer Training

You often have a shopping list at the grocery store, so why should getting gear for you or your child’s first soccer practice be any different?


I mentioned you or your child in this scenario because honestly, it really isn’t much different—except maybe you need some deodorant in your gym bag. So whether you're shopping for you or your kid, here are the basic pieces of equipment to get you started:


You can find all these products at any sports shop or online.


Training or Practice Clothes: Depending if it’s a club league or not, there might be a shortage of training clothes, which means that you'll probably end up footing the bill for it. Normally, most athletic clothes will do, however, if you are looking for specifics, aim for clothes that allow for complete range of motion (don’t show up in jean shorts or cargo pants!). If you really want to get high quality, you can’t go wrong with dri-fit material that wicks away sweat.


Full Uniform: This also might be different from league to league so you might want to ask, just in case. Although there is a standard uniform for players, you might have the responsibility of ordering it for you or your kid in your size. Depending on the league, uniforms can either just be a T-shirt or a jersey, shorts, and socks.


Soccer Cleats: Check also in with the league about regulatory requirements when it comes to soccer cleats. Depending on the league and surface played on, the type of soccer cleat required may vary.


Shinguards: Especially if it’s for your child (some adult leagues don’t require them), you need to get a pair of protective shinguards. These can also come with ankle guards and might also have a size requirement.


Soccer Socks: Designed to hold the shinguards in place, these soccer socks go up to right below the knee (or above it, depending on your preference). Normally, they match the color pattern of your uniform but that’s not always the case.


Soccer Ball: This might be just for a personal preference for you or your child to practice. Some coaches provide balls during practice and some require their players to bring their own.


Goalkeeper Gloves: Strictly for goalkeepers or if you want a pair to train with, investing in a quality pair of goalkeeper gloves will be worth preventing injury as much as possible. If your child is really young, the league might not even play with goalkeepers, so, as always, ask!


Water Bottle: Hydration is key. Even though there are clubs out there that offer that huge water jug so you or your child can stay hydrated, it’s better to be safe than sorry—or dehydrated. In case there are various water bottles out there, write your or your child’s name on it so they can distinguish which one is theirs.


Gear Bag: For an added bonus, it is definitely helpful to get a bag big enough to bring all the various pieces of equipment to and from practice and games.


Simply covering the basics, all you really need are some shoes—optional, something to mark a goal, and a ball, and you can play soccer! However, if you are playing in a league, these pieces of equipment are normally required or suggested.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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