Soccer: The World Cup Line-Up 2018

Soccer: The World Cup Line-Up


It’s that time again—the 2018 World Cup is here. Football fans all over the world can unite with joy and passion as they cheer on their own teams and countries—or their favorites if their own country didn't make it into the qualifiers.


Just like every time around, this tournament begins on the 14th of June and is the time when the world seems to stop. No war nor strife nor time of difficulty can separate the countries from cheering their own—or at least that’s what is the hope of the tournament.


This year is no different, the 2018 World Cup will have 32 qualified teams from the various football confederations around the world.


How Does It Work?


How do you somehow take all the countries—the stronger ones and the weaker ones and pit them against one another? Through groups. Each of these 32 teams is the best in their region and did so by winning World Cup Qualifiers. The remaining best 32 were then placed into four different pools to decide the eight groups that would make up the World Cup. Each group is made out of eight teams.


The first group is always the one with the host country.


Here is how it was organized—four different groups, eight teams each:


Group 1 – Russia (ranked 65), Germany (1), Brazil (2), Portugal (3), Argentina (4), Belgium (5), Poland (6), and France (7)


Group 2 – Spain (8), Peru (10), Switzerland (11), England (12), Colombia (13), Mexico (16), Uruguay (17), Croatia (18)


Group 3 – Denmark (19), Iceland (21), Costa Rica (22), Sweden (25), Tunisia (28), Egypt (30), Senegal (32), Iran (34)


Group 4 – Serbia (38), Nigeria (41), Australia (43), Japan (44), Morocco (48), Panama (49), South Korea (62), Saudi Arabia (63)


Note how the teams are sorted out by ranking and pitted against equivalent-leveled teams. Once they've made it out of the group, the round of 32 will then turn into the round of 16, which will then turn into the round of 8 (the quarterfinals). After that, there will be the semifinals, with the final 4 teams and then ultimately, the World Cup Final!! 


Are you excited for the World Cup? Pick a team from the group—if you're not much of a fan—and see how far they go in the tournament! Any time where we can stop the world’s problems and join together for an event is a great event to be a part of!


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.


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