Some World Records in Soccer

Some World Records in Soccer

Soccer: Some World Records


Since soccer has been played for a very long time, there have been some pretty great statistics with all the players out there competing with one another. Here are some soccer world records:


  1. The Longest Goal Ever Scored

Asmir Begovich back in 2013 shot a goal from 97.5 yards away from the net. It was also pretty fast, with the goal being scored after only the third shot of the game.


  1. The Longest Header Ever Scored

Back in 2011, Jone Samuelson redirected a header that had been also headed out in a defensive move to land a goal measuring 190 feet (58 meters) making it the longest header every scored.


  1. The Most Recorded Red Cards Given In One Game

Of course, (no offense) this game happened in Argentina in 2011. If you understand anything about South American soccer rivalry, I am from Brazil and also have represented them so you can understand how I feel about Argentinian soccer. (Regardless that some of some pretty close soccer friends are from Argentina). However, back to the game—referee Damian Rubino gave out a whopping thirty-six red cards in a single match between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas. When the game got out of hand a brawl broke out, Rubino sent off all 22 players and every substitute and some technical staff.


  1. The Most Goals In an Entire Year

Since I just spoke ill of Argentina, here is one record held by the Argentinian great—Lionel Messi. Back in 2012, Messi scored almost one hundred—91 goals in one year. This led him to be the forerunner for the Barcelona club record for career goals.


  1. The Longest Penalty Shootout Ever

Over a whole decade ago, the 2005 Namibian Cup was hosting two teams in the finals—KK Palace and Civics. The game before the PKs was 2-2, which is a pretty standard, low-scoring game by means of a final. However, the goal dam broke and began overflowing, after they went on to penalty kicks. It took them a while to choose a winner, where the score was 17-16.


  1. The Fastest Hat Trick Ever

Scoring a hat-trick—three goals in one game is already a great feat in itself but being the fastest to score three goals in one game ever recorded is pretty amazing. In the Sheffield Sunday League in England, 20-year-old Alex Torr scored three goals in one game, his first of his hat-trick in just 70 seconds.  The full hat-trick—all three goals were done within 12 minutes and ten seconds of their game against Winn Gardens.


Even though some of these records seem impossible, there is proof if you go looking for it. Some of these records aren't probably something to aim for when you're playing but they are pretty interesting to read about.

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